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Bexley Local Offer

Every educational setting (early years setting, school, College etc.) is required, by the Children and Families Act 2014, to have its own individual special educational needs offer referred to as either a 'Local Offer' or an 'SEN Information Report'. The Local offer or SEN information report should explain how a setting supports pupils with special educational needs (SEN). It should provide details about how accessible a setting is, how pupils with SEN are supported to make progress and who parents and carers can contact for more information. This information can be found on the website of each educational setting. If you have any difficulty finding a settings 'Local Offer' or 'SEN information report' please contact the educational setting directly.

If you wish to read the latest Ofsted report for an educational setting you can access this by visiting the Ofsted website www.gov.uk/government/organisations/ofsted

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Quality First Teaching and Special Educational Needs Support Toolkit (EL-SENSUPP-0719-A001)

    The intention of introducing this document is to support Bexley mainstream settings with ensuring a consistent approach when identifying pupils’ barriers to learning and/or special educational needs.

    The emphasis of the Bexley Toolkit is to provide a consistent approach to ensure that:


    • High quality teaching, differentiated for individual pupils, is the first step in responding to pupils who have or may not have SEND.
    • All school members are routinely providing support and guidance as set out in the SEND Code of Practice 2015.
    • Pupils’ barriers to learning are identified early, quickly and correct support or intervention are provided.
    • Schools monitor the impact and effectiveness of support and interventions through the graduated approach.
    • Parents will know what support they can reasonably expect to be provided.
    • Children and young people, their parents or carers, will be fully involved in decisions about their support and what they want to achieve.
    • Support given should be in line with the pupil’s needs and not dependent on diagnosis.
    Primary Fair Access Panel Protocol (EL-GI-1018-A001)

    The Protocol will help inform and guide parents through the process of the Primary Fair Access Panel.  The Protocol applies to all schools including LA maintained schools, voluntary aided, academies and free schools in the borough.’  All schools must participate to ensure children, often vulnerable, are placed into schools as quickly as possible.

    What special educational needs (SEN) support is available in early year’s settings? (EL-GI-0715-N001)

    It is particularly important in the early years that appropriate steps are taken to put in place effective support for children with special educational needs and disability (SEND).  Early years settings in the private, voluntary and independent sector must have an SEN policy which sets out how they will enable children to participate,learn and make progress. All educational settings must take reasonable steps to remove barriers to learning and put effective special educational provision in place.Settings must inform parents/carers if they have identified that a child has, or may have, a special educational need.


    When making arrangements to support children with SEN early years settings must follow an “assess, plan, do, review” cycle, involving external professionals where necessary. Settings should work with parents/carers to agree next steps and outcomes for children and ensure that they have accurate information in order to meet needs and track progress.


    Parents/carers should be updated about their child’s progress by the setting’s Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO). Parents/carers will be invited to review meetings to discuss their child’s needs and the support that they require. If it is felt that a child would benefit from further assessment/support from another professional this will be discussed with parents/carers and with their permission a referral will be made.  


    Parents/carers who would like advice about their child’s needs and the support that they require should arrange to meet with the SENCO at their child’s setting.


     Further information about SEN support in early years settings can be found in the Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice 0-25 years; 2015 (chapter5) by clicking here

    Is there a day nursery that has experience of supporting children with autism? (EL-GI-0715-N002)

    Every day nursery will have some experience of supporting children with special educational needs and disability (SEND). Parents/carers are encouraged to meet with nursery staff to discuss the individual needs of their child before they begin attending nursery. Parents/carers should directly contact the early years setting that they are interested in their child attending.


    The Local Authority Early Years Team are available to give advice and support regarding SEND to managers, Special Educational Needs coordinators (SENCOs) and nursery staff. The Early Years Team can be contacted by the manager or SENCO of the nursery to request support in order to meet a child's individual needs.


    Please contact the manager/SENCO of the early years setting for more information.

    Can a childminder make a referral to the Speech and Language Therapy Service? (EL-GI-0715-N005)

    Yes, childminders are able to make referrals to the speech and language therapists if they first have permission in writing from the parent/carer. The Local Authority Early Years Team are able to give advice and support to child minders about how they can best meet a child's special educational needs. Child minders can contact the Early Year’s Team to request support.

    I am concerned about my child’s learning and progress, who can help me? (EL-GI-0215-N005)

    Often the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENco) at a child/young person’s educational setting is the first point of contact for parents and young peoples who need advice about SEN. The SENco will know the child/young person and will be able to talk the child/young persons learning, the progress they are making, their strengths, their needs, the support they require and how to request further support.


    If you would like to speak to someone other than a SENco about Education, Health and Care planning, or SEN in general, you can contact one of the following;


    The SEND Statutory Assessment Team 

    This team overssee the statutory assessment process and work with parents, carers, professionals and educational setting to develop Education, Health and Care Plans. Telephone 020 3045 4304 email specialneedsels@bexley.gov.uk


    The Information and Advice Support Service (formerly parent partnership) 
    This service offers advice about SEN, statutory assessment, Education, Health and Care Plans and legal advice. This service is independent of the Local Authority. 
    Telephone: 0203 045 5976 Email: bexleyiass@bexley.gov.uk 


    Bexley Voice

    A member of the national network of parent carer forums, Bexley voice are a voluntary group of Bexley borough parents of children with special or additional needs. Bexley voice provide a wealth of information and advice for parent, signposting them to services and ensuring that the views of parents are represented and heard. Telephone 07512 409936 Email bexleyvoice@hotmail.co.uk Website www.bexleyvoice.org.uk/


     A professional who supports you or your child 

    This may include a Speech and Language Teacher, an Occupational Therapist, an Educational Psychologist, your GP, a Social Worker, a Health Visitor or anyone else who provides advice about education, health and care services.


    The Local Authority Early Years Team
    The Local Authority Early Years team are also available to give advice and support to managers, Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators (SENCOs) and staff in pre-schools for individual children who attend. Please contact the manager or SENCO in the pre-school who will contact The Early Year’s team on your behalf.

    I have moved into the area and my child needs a school place, how do I apply? (EL-GI-0215-N006)

    If your child will be 5 years old between 1 September 2016 and 31 August 2017, you should apply now for a Reception place. The closing date is 15 January 2017. If you haven't already applied, make sure you submit your application before the deadline.


    If you missed the closing date for secondary school applications for September 2017, you should make a late application as soon as possible. Contact the School Admissions Team for a paper application form. Admission authorities are now consulting on their admission arrangements for 2017/18.


    If your child/young person has special educational needs or a disability and requires a school/college place you can also get advice and support from the SEND Statutory Assessment Team - Email Specialneeds.ELS@bexley.gov.uk


    For more information click here to view the school admissions information on the Bexley website

    Can I download a list of schools? (EL-GI-0215-N008)

    You can download the Admissions to Primary School document here and Admissions to Secondary School document here. These documents list the schools available within Bexley. For information on Special Schools and Resource provisions please click here


    In addition to this you can click here to download a list of approved independent special institutions (Independent Special Schools – England and Wales and Special Post-16 institutions) sometimes referred to as a section 41 list. 

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