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Bexley Adolescent Support Service - Porchlight

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Some young people need additional support to help them reach their full potential. That’s where the Bexley Adolescent Support Service (BASS) and Porchlight can help.

The service works with 8-17 year olds across Bexley, providing one-to-one support at home, in school, or anywhere the young person feels safe. The service is designed to help young people with all kinds of support needs, whether they’re having difficulty managing their relationships, getting into trouble at school or having problems at home that are affecting their education.


Young People must have at least one of the following support needs:

• At risk of exclusion from education

• Poor attendance in education

• Poor behaviour in education

• Family difficulties – e.g. domestic abuse – impacting on education

Over a period of up to 12 weeks, BASS and Porchlight will work with the young person to develop and follow a support plan containing achievable goals specific to their situation and needs and also work alongside other practitioners and services to develop the young person’s relationships with their family, community and school.

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