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Education, Health and Care Plans - The Assessment Process

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The EHCP Assessment process lasts 20 weeks (this is a legal time limit that all councils follow) from the initial application to a finalised plan.


This may sound like a long time, but it allows everybody, including parents, time to make sure all their advice is heard in the creation of the plan.


The process can be long and but it doesn't have to be complicated.


An EHC Needs Assessment involves a full, formal assessment of a child by the Education Authority. Please see below for the 20 week breakdown leaflet. This may include:

  • Reports from the Educational Psychologist (parents may well need to provide their own independent assessment if there is a reluctance to assess the child, or if they subsequently challenge a decision).
  • Reports from any other relevant body: school, medical, social services for example, plus parents and the child's own views.
  • Supporting evidence from anyone who may help the case, such as outside activity leaders (e.g. sports, Scouts/Guides etc.).


Will i get support from Bexley Local Authority?

During the 20 week application process and Needs Assessment, you will be allocated a temporary case officer. Once you have a final EHC Plan, you will be allocated a case officer depending on the school your child attends.

A list of all the case officers in Bexley can be found on our Case Officer information page.


To help parents and young people begin to understand the process and who may be responsible for various parts of the process, we have a number of helpful guides for you to download and read at your own leisure.


If you would like to speak to someone to clarify anything, you can contact the Bexley IASS service to talk through your concerns.


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