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Travel Assistance

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Parents and carers are responsible for ensuring their child attends school. This may include making or assisting with travel arrangements to and from school and/or accompanying their child.


Not all children and young people with an EHC Plan will need or receive travel assistance from the Council, and the completion of an EHC Plan does not confer an automatic entitlement to the provision of travel assistance by the Council.


On this page parents and carers can find out whether their child is eligible for travel assistance and how to apply, as well as general information about the Council’s travel assistance offer.


To be eligible, a child or young person must:

  • be aged 5–16 (compulsory school age)
  • go to their nearest qualifying school (a school with places available that provides education appropriate to the age, ability and aptitude of the child, and any special educational needs that the child may have) and live further than the statutory walking distance from their school

The statutory walking distance is:

  • up to two miles for a child aged 7 or under
  • up to three miles for a child aged 8–16


Factors taken into consideration when assessing for eligibility of travel assistance are whether:

  • a child or young person can walk safely to school if they are accompanied
  • parents/carers disability /needs which prohibit them from accompanying their child to school



If parents/carers believe their child meets the eligibility criteria, they can apply for travel assistance by completing the online application form on the council’s website.



If travel assistance is agreed, the Council will decide what assistance will be provided. This decision will be based on the identified needs of the individual child/young person and will take account of the Council’s duties to make the best use of its resources.


Wherever possible, in the provision of travel assistance, the Council will consider travel options that lead to independence and life skills.


For further details including the criteria regarding travel assistance, how to apply and how applications are assessed, please refer to the additional information below.

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