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Social Care Services

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What is Social Care?

Social care is a term that generally describes all forms of personal care and other practical assistance for children, young people and adults who need extra support.


Some families will need practical support both inside the home and outside it. Local authorities have a legal responsibility to help families who met the criteria for their different services. 


In Bexley, Social Care is divided into Children's Social Care and Adults Social Care.


Bexley’s Children’s Social Care (CSC) provides a large number of services to children and young people within the borough who require help and support. These children, young people and families require a variety of interventions to be offered to them including early help, child in need, children with disabilities, children at risk of harm, child protection, children in care and young adults leaving our care.


Bexley's Adults Social Care (ASC) are offering a new way of doing things, integrating community services across health and social care. This integrated model will enable Bexley residents to avoid being admitted to hospital unnecessarily and also to leave quicker, once they’re medically able to do so.

The overall outcome will be a better experience of care and better outcomes for each patient. Management of these integrated teams is joint, between Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust and the Council.



What services can i expect?
Local authorities have a duty to provide certain services to disabled children and adults. The kind of services that may be offered include (but is not limited to):

  • Practical assistance in the home, such as help with the personal care of your child or young person, for example help getting in and out of bed
  • Recreational equipment such as a TV, radio or computer
  • Leisure facilities (this could mean outings or a day centre placement)
  • Education facilities (this could mean home-based education or funding for the personal care requirements of students so they can study)
  • Travel and other assistance, such as travel to and from a day centre
  • Home adaptations and disabled facilities, such as handrails or hoists
  • Holidays and short breaks

Other services may be provided by the local authority, such as advice and guidance and financial help in exceptional circumstances.


Who pays for the services?
Local authorities do have the power to charge for some services they provide under certain legislation.
Each local authority will have its own charging policy, and it is usually your income and savings or your parents if you are under 18, that are taken into account.
When a child reaches 16 years of age, it is their own ability to pay that is taken into account, not the parents/legal guardians.


If you get Working Tax Credit or Child Tax Credit (paid at a rate above the family element) or Income Support or income-related Employment and Support Allowance, you should not be charged for Children Act services. You should also not be charged for advice, information and counselling services, regardless of your financial situation. The same charging rules apply to services for carers of disabled children.

For more detailed information on the different services in Bexley, please visit our panel on the right.

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