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School SEN Information Reports and Policies

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Every educational setting (school, college etc.) is required, by the Children and Families Act 2014, to have its own individual special educational needs (SEN) offer. There are 2 main sources of information: (2 separate documents).

They are referred to as a:

  • SEN Information Report (also called a school local offer)
  • SEN Policy



Sometimes schools use a different name for their SEN information report.

  • School SEN Offer
  • Local Offer
  • SEN information


Although this can be confusing it is highly likely that an official document with SEN in the title and without policy next to it is the schools version of their SEN information report.


Where can I find them?

Both these documents should be available on each schools website. You can also ask the schools office to give you a printed copy of their SEN information report.


What if I can’t find it?

We cannot tell you exactly where to find each report because each schools website is slightly different. If you have any difficulty finding a settings 'Local Offer' or 'SEN information report' please contact the educational setting directly. 

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What’s the difference between an SEN Policy and an SEN information report?

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Do all schools SEN information reports look the same??

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