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Bexley Special Schools and Resource Provisions

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The London Borough of Bexley Resource Provisions, Special Schools, Alternative Provisions and Pupil Referral Units 


This information sets out the details of all resource provisions, special schools and alternative provisions in the London Borough of Bexley.


You can download the full document and a map of the schools in Bexley from the panel on the right.



The majority of pupils identified as having special educational needs (SEN) will have their needs met in a mainstream setting and with the additional support available. For some children, their needs can best be met in a specialist resource provision or special school.


To support parents and young people in understanding the special educational support available, every educational setting is required to publish an SEN Information Report on their website that sets out how they support pupils with SEN. This should be accompanied by an SEN policy. As each setting will have their own approach to supporting pupils with special educational needs, parents and young people are advised to read the SEN information reports published on a settings website. Parents and young people may also wish contact the setting directly to ask any questions and/or arrange a visit. 


For children and young people already attending an educational setting the special educational needs co- ordinator (SENCO) will be able to provide information about how a child/young person’s needs are being met and the outcomes they are working towards. 


If a child or young person has an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan the SEN statutory assessment team can provide information and advice about the various educational settings in Bexley that may be appropriate for your child.


School and college places for children or young people with EHC plans are allocated through the Statutory Assessment Panel.


School places for children or young people who do not have an EHC plan are allocated through the school admissions team. 


College places for young people who do not have an EHC Plan are allocated directly via the individual settings.





Resource provisions vary from setting to setting. A resource provision often consists of a small class within a mainstream school. Children will generally access the mainstream curriculum with differentiated teaching and support. The environment might also be specially adapted to meet children’s needs. The amount of time that children are taught within a mainstream class with support will vary according to the needs of the pupils. Children attending a resource provision will have an Education, Health and Care plan.


Special schools offer small class sizes, a highly differentiated curriculum alongside a variety of specialist programmes to meet a wide range of needs. All pupils attending a special school will have been identified as having a high level of special educational need. Special schools are also able to provide specialist equipment, resources and teaching spaces to enhance learning and provide a holistic and stimulating curriculum. Special schools offer a highly inclusive environment with all activities being organised and adapted to ensure access to all. Children and young people attending a special school will have been referred by the Local Authority and will have an Education, Health and Care Plan. 

A medical needs alternative provision provides education for pupils on a mainstream school roll who are unable to access the curriculum in their mainstream school for a period of time due to a medical condition. This includes those pupils who are unable to access the curriculum in their mainstream school for a period of time due to mental health needs. Referral can only be made to a medical needs alternative provision by the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service or Paediatric Consultants. 


A short stay alternative provision or pupil referral units provide education for pupils who are at risk of permanent exclusion or who have been permanently excluded. 


All young people with special educational needs are encouraged to raise their aspirations, maximising their potential as they prepare for adulthood. Bexley is committed to offering local education opportunities for young people with special educational needs.

All students aged 16-19 (and, where they have an EHC plan and remain in education, up to the age of 25) should follow a coherent study programme which provides progression towards best possible outcomes in adult life. Where appropriate, this will include access to mainstream courses.

Colleges are expected to offer study programmes which enable students to progress to a higher level of study than their prior attainment and, where appropriate, participate in meaningful work experience. They should not be repeating learning they have already completed successfully.

For students who are not taking qualifications, their study programme should focus on high quality work experience, and provision which prepares them well for employment, independent living, being healthy adults and participation in society. 
The majority of post 16/post 19 students with special educational needs will study mainstream courses with some students receiving additional support to access such courses. Some students may not be able to access mainstream courses even with a level of support. In such cases a personalised education programme may be appropriate. 

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